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Help our disabled. Stop them from taking away pain medications

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I am a 38 year old disabled mom. I can no longer work due to an injury I had on the job in 2010. I have been in pain management since 2010. I have many family and friends also in pain management. Some undergo chemotherapy, some of us have multiple surgeries and need more. Many have things such as arthritis, ms, fribramyalga, muscle spasm, seizures, torn muscle or ligaments cerebral palsy, cancers, and much more, some are suffering from pain without knowing what's the prognosis. Doctors hands are tied because they know what you need, but are being forced to lower or stop  pain medications to almost every patient. Some of my family, friends, and myself struggle with everyday activities. Doing the most simple things can be very hard for people who have severe pain all day every day. The medicine helps just enough to allow them and myself to get through every day activities everyone has. Getting up, taking a shower, getting dressed, eating breakfast are tasks almost everyone does in the first hour or two of Thier day. Imagine not being able to just do that each day. And as a mom I can tell you that my morning is double the work. For some 3x or more. Being unable to care for your family because of pain is unbearable for me and many of my friends and family. So taking away medications that allows us to get through the day is just wrong. Even on pain medications so many people still struggle with pain. But with the medicine we are able to complete more tasks then without them. We should not suffer with pain the rest of our lives because some people made bad choices and abused what the medicine is intended for. So please help me, my friends, family, and most likely your loved ones as well. I am positive at least 1 person in your family can relate to the suffering of chronic pain with no cure or help. We all would love to be cured and never have to take a pill, shot, or go to a hospital. But unfortunately so many illness' and diseases have no cure. Please think of your family, friends, neighbor, or even Co workers who may be struggling with chronic pain and let's do something to help them all. Please share with anyone who may want to take back control of Thier lives, so they will stop taking away the medicine from the ones who really do need it. PLEASE TAKE ACTION!! SIGN THE PETITION!! We do our drug testing, see our Dr every month, do physical therapy, have test ran to verify our injuries/illness' and pharmaceutical companies help manage all new medicine and refills. We agree to all the terms, and most go through pain management to make sure we are safely using our medicines correctly.  We do everything that's asked of us. Please help all that are bieng affected by this. Doctors are bieng given an amount of medicine they can distribute and being forced to choose who gets the medicine. Why should they have to cut off people they feel need the medicine just as much as another. I have personally been told by pain management doctors that it's wrong and unfair. They became a doctor to help people, but they are being told who they are allowed to help and that's not what a doctor needs.  Thank you to all who are supporting this petition.

                                  Tiffany from California 

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