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Demand resignation of Trump: a self-admitted sexual predator

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It is disservice to women and men everywhere to continue to tolerate a self admitted sexual predator as president of the United States.

In this evolutionary #metoo movement we see with sexual harrassers and predators resigning across all strata of society, it is hypocrisy in its most extreme to let the president remain in his position whilst other senators are resigning and potentially being elected in the midst of seriously disturbing allegations.

Consistency in our standards of treatment of these matters and our self respect and integrity as women and men on this Earth is at question if we continue to support a misogynist as President. What message does it send to our future generations? How will all of you stand when history inevitably  turns it's lens on you?

How will we truly be the country we aspire to be when we suffer this double standard and look the other way?

It is an empty #metoo movement if the President himself is not investigated by an ethics committee for his sexual allegations, assaults, and misconduct that go back decades and 19 women have accused him of. 

It is a travesty of justice if he is allowed to remain to govern this country when he can't even govern where his hands may land on a woman?

So I urge you to please sign the petition. I am an American woman who feels outraged by this cognitive dissonance and am asking every female senator in the government regardless of your party to search your heart and do the right thing.

I'm asking America to do the right thing by women, by our mothers, our daughters, our sisters, our friends, and our sons to be raised in a better society that values women and our sovereignty over our bodies. 

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