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Save our pitties

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Pitbulls of Springfield, Missouri need your help.Potentially new laws are trying to ban pitbull and pitbull mix breeds in Springfield. As any educated person knows pitbulls are not a bad breed. They are actually kind, loyal, loving, sweet and the most misunderstood dog of the canine family. Most problems occur when people don't know how to interact with dogs they don't know. All dog owners know not to get in an unknown dogs face or try to pet it without the owners consent and all parents should teach their children this or anyone who doesn't know.
When there is a "bad pitbull" it's not their fault, it's bad ownership. Most if not all, besides the select few, are good dogs and deserve their rightful spot in the canine kingdom as an equal. Remember guns don't kill people, people kill people...... the same applies to dogs. People train dogs to be amazing pets or people train them to be mean. All dogs can be trained to do what their owners asks of them. So to say that pit bulls are the problem is inaccurate, bad pet owners are really the problem.

#ImTheVoiceForMyPit #PitLife

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