Fix bad roads, Activate lights on the highway from Shilphata to Kalyan

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Residents of Dombivli are very frustrated with the poor infrastructure. The roads are poor, potholes everywhere, and it makes commuting feel like a nightmare. The ministers & officials should take a leaf out of the book of other cities in India where the roads are top notch.

During festivals or the period before any election, the roads are fixed, but in patches. This is even frustrating as they are still not in a condition to be driven on. Why don't they just cover the whole road with tar/concrete? Moreover, there are no road surface markings on more than 90% of the roads. The list goes on and on. Where are all the funds being used?

Also, the highway that connects Kalyan/Dombivli to Mumbai (Kalyan-Shil Road) is pitch dark at night. The authorities have installed street lights through the entire distance, but for some reason I don't know, they are reluctant to provide electricity. Makes it very difficult to drive during the night and is the cause of the road being highly accident prone. I urge all those reading this to sign this petition so that the sleeping Babu's of our city finally open their eyes & look towards development.

A concerned citizen,

Harish Nageswaran