We can feed the stray dogs by throwing plastic bottles into this machine!

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Recently, I came across an article on poisoning stray dogs in some states. I don't know whether it's true or not. But what I know is, we have a number of dogs on streets that need care but not getting any. Instead they're being tortured in unexplainable ways. Let's forget about the care they need, but atleast give the food they deserve!

How can we do that

We don't have to spend any money for that! All we have to do is throw plastic bottles into a machine which in turn provides food to dogs. Yes! It's possible and is being implemented in Istanbul! 

A Turkish company PUGEDON invented a Smart Recycling Box, which releases dog food from the bottom whenever a plastic bottle is deposited. Which means, the food for stray dogs is paid for by the waste plastic bottles. Save the environment by recycling plastic AND feed the stray dogs. Win-win situation!!

Stray animals are going through a lot right now and they don't deserve this. We must let the Governments know that this needs to be implemented in our state/country. Sign this petition and make it possible!

Whatever place you're from, mail me your place/decision maker and I'll add it to the petition! Sign and make this possible!!

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