Govt servants inc Politicians must send their kids to govt schools to see a radical change

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We request Government of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh to implement English as a medium and take the same action initiated by Allahabad High Court which has directed the Uttar Pradesh Government to ensure that all government servants and representatives of people  send their children to Government primary schools to actually know what kind of education a common man's kid is getting and their suffering.

“It will boost social equation, It will give an opportunity to children of common men to interact and mix with children of so-called high or semi-high society, giving them a different kind of atmosphere, confidence and other opportunities. This would give a boost and bring revolution in changing society from grassroot level,” 

This system is existent in all Developed Countries, Children of Presidents and Prime ministers go to same school as common people, if they can why not we dream the same and yes we deserve the Right to good education at least. 

We have seen that the condition of the government schools have not improved, there is no real involvement of administration with these schools. Any person who has some capacity and adequate finances sends his child/ children to elite and semi-elite primary schools, whether it is the district collector or the police chief or any other government servant.

This would ensure that the officials concerned become aware of the problems at the basic education level. Otherwise, they would not care as they have access to private education.

Also, we hear the Politicians all the time saying "All NRI's should come back to India and serve the home land with the experience gained abroad and invest in India to increase job opportunities". Most of the NRI's are ready to go through the "H1B extension hardship" but hesitant to come back due to the lack of "Good and affordable education" run by the governments, we cannot dare to even talk about Private schools for the reason being.....we know what it is, hence we drop our thoughts to move back for good!!

"Bring Everyone onto the Common Platform, that's the only way our system can be radically changed".