Ban plastic in Hyderabad , Telangana

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Dear Sir,

The planet is suffering a lot from the unrestricted usage of Plastic products. Maharashtra government will start penalizing all those found using plastic products, including single-use disposable items from tomorrow. This is the first bold step taken by a state government in India. We believe that government of Telangana also needs to follow the path and contain the irresponsible use of plastic by the public.

We cannot wait until the public is sensitized and start taking responsibility. Experiences from history show that this is never is never going to happen and environment cannot take this burden anymore. The city of Hyderabad is facing huge water logging problem whenever it rains, mainly because the drains are blocked by plastic bags. We can see the cattle feeding on plastic bags near garbage dumps. Almost all the lakes are polluted with plastic waste, which suffocates the aquatic life.

The government could start to ban the usage of plastic in the City of Hyderabad first, as a part of creating awareness among the citizens. Kindly implement this law in the interest of residents of the state.

Thanks in advance.

Citizens of Telangana