Clean, organized and well managed Kalighat Temple, Kolkata

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Being born and brought up in Kolkata, I am an ardent believer in Kalimaa and Kalighat is the temple I have used to visit on all special occasions like birthdays or on accomplishing something. Kalighat is one of the 51 shaktipeeths where the right toe of MAA Shakti fell while Shiva was doing tandav.With such a glorious significance, I believe the temple should be one of the most well maintained places and should offer peace and pleasant experience to the person's visiting the temple

However, visiting the temple requires "professional expertise" to prevent oneself to be looted from pandits who can be found right from Kalighat metro exit gate to the detovees non-VIP line manipulating you to sell money for VIP darshan as non VIP line would take 3-4 hours. 

Even where the shrine is placed, there is no peace. There are continuous shouting, whistle blowing, pushing the devotees who refuse to shell out 1000 rupees to the head pujari

There is no single line of entry only chaos. This reflects a poor picture of West Bengal in the eyes of people visiting it and my heart bleeds to see such a sorry state of affairs of India's one of the most divine places. 

I want the temple managing committee and the West Bengal Government to come forward to help the temple become more organized so that visiting the temple becomes a lifetime memorable experience.

I want to add that many people in Kolkata have stopped visiting the temple to avoid this nuisance. Many tourist coming from different parts of India and outside countries don't visit after seeing reviews of the temple on websites literally warning them. This means loss of revenue for various shops and small sellers which have their establishment near the temple. A temple is not only a place of worship, but also provides means of livelihood to many and generate revenue to the state on account of tourism. There are many ways by which people would be benefited if the temple is given a face lift. Let's support to make Kalighat temple visit experience reflect the true rich cultural heritage of Bengal.