Keep WIFI at Kalamalka Secondary!

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Students at Kalamalka Secondary use the WIFI to access Google Applications, and use their personal devices as an educational tool. Students also use their devices to stay connected with friends and socialize from afar. Although it is unnacceptable to use a device while the teacher deems it unnecessary, the school should work to prevent unnecessary usage rather than removing WIFI entirely. We believe that students who use the WIFI for its proper purposes should not be punished for the students who don't. As all students have grown up with techonology, we use it as a way to communicate that many older generations do not understand. We understand limiting the WiFi to educational purposes, but at times when education is not in place (Breaks) we should be allowed to access appropriate sites. WiFi makes school more bareable, and removing it seems like we are moving into the past as a school, rather than the future.