REMOVE Council Designated Freedom Camping in Kaikoura

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We are truly blessed to live in this Paradise Kaikoura. What our local council fails to recognise is that instead of driving people into Kaikoura in droves and opening up free camping areas, it should be seen as a privilege to spend time here. If they are lucky enough to come here to stay be respectful and mindful of our community people and of the paradise we call home. A lot of people coming in in their campervans vans cars on bikes and parking up in the free camping sites are not here to spend money in our town. If they can't afford to pay to camp then what money do you think they're putting into our economy? If you go to the cemetery to visit passed family and friends, you look across the road to a fence line of knickers, bras, and washing strung along. This is pure disrespect to all our passed loved ones, forefathers and mothers.  Our council are failing us, they have opened up free camping sites that are unmanned and a free for all.  Just a few of the negative impacts:

- Banded Dotterils being stood on

- littering due to no provided bins

- Affecting local Camping Grounds

- Walkways being blocked off  

- Pooing on the ground 

Why are we not looking after our own people first? The people who live here, these are the people who continuously put money all year round into our economy? These are the people who are respectful and mindful, these are our beautiful community, these are our lovely transients who stay for awhile to work and make our home their home... WAKE UP council, lead by example and start being respectful of your community folk and KAIKOURA