We want to rescue all farm animals left in evacuation area of Fukushima. 

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We want to rescue all farm animals left in evacuation area of Fukushima. 

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Dolphins Free started this petition to Kachiku-Otasuke-Tai.org. (Japan Farm animal Rescue Team) Kachiku-Otasuke-Tai.org

The Japanese government has abandoned and euthanized countless animals which could survive and still were left alone in Fukushima.  

All chickens died and pigs, including babies were killed behind the scene.
They still try to kill all animals that are desperatlly trying to survive there.
Finally they have turned the tap water off in order to let the survivers die with starvation. 

In such hot summer days, baby pigs, calves, cats & dogs are dying with no water.  This is unforgivable just as one of developed country of 21th century.   We, "Kachiku-Otasuke-Tai. org" was launced in order to rescue them ASAP. 
Please sign this petition and spread words!  We need your voice and to raise awareness. 

It is very important for us to collect many crititicism or message all over the world. So, we submitted all of your message for the government and helpless livestock farmers to the president of Veterinary Medical Association of Japan and will submit them to the Prime Minister, Yoshihiko Noda and Genba, the Minister of Foreign Affairs as well.

Please visit our website; http://helpcow.net/site/

Please leave any comments to the farmers and government of Japan; http://helpcow.net/site/contact







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This petition had 3,372 supporters

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