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Restore our faith in your company. Right now we have none.

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Heroes of Camelot (an in app game from Kabam) was recently hacked. Within an hour someone hacked over half of the accounts on the server, cards for the game were sold and we were left with nothing. There was a large time and/or money investment on the part of every gamer. It took over 20 hours to even get a response from Kabam that failed to explain exactly what happened or how long the fix would take. We got a generic it takes time response. They also admitted it was a hack then quickly edited their response. To this day they have not released what was compromised of our information or how long this will take. And during this entire process a limited time event started that we are unable to participate in. We ask that they pause this event until all cards are returned so all players have a chance then add the days missed back. We would also like to know exactly what was compromised of our data. We also request all this in a timely manner. By close of business Monday March 16th. The fact that it seems you took the weekend off leaving all your gamers in the dark shows a complete and total disregard for your customers.

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