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Create an atmosphere of competition by unrestricted growth and encouraging positive game-play; and return DoA:H to the gamer friendly ideals it once was.

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We, the players of DoA represented by the outreach group “DoA Gamers”, are coming to you through this letter in accordance to the legal bond between us, the “Users”, and Kabam regarding terms and conditions given by your company.

With the aim to contribute with ideas and/or suggestions, our intention with this letter is to improve the platform (Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon), a legal right for the users according with Articles 10 and 13 from the Terms of Service, and we implore you to give due consideration to our suggestions set here within to create an atmosphere of competition and return DoA to the gamer friendly ideals it once was.

The goal of DoA Gamers is to act as a bridge between the player base and your company, as all other methods have not succeeded in satisfying the players’ needs for customer satisfaction.

To this end, we respectfully submit these suggestions for improvement for your consideration, and strongly ask you to weigh our input into your game to help us, your paying customers, keep value in a game that we have invested in.

•        The new dragon skilling/leveling system enacted in v4.0.0 is a hardship to both new and seasoned players, because it is very expensive, far beyond any value added, so we recommend that the level of Dragons may be obtained more easily with low cost, for example the timeframe to level a Dragon from 0 – 40 should take no longer than eight (8) weeks, with the last ten levels (levels 40- 50) an additional eight (8) weeks.

•        The new Dragon “PvP” feature is a wonderfully fun feature, but the matchmaking system in it is extremely intolerable. The use of randomly generated characters, "bots", were completely misrepresented because The “Battlegrounds” was advertised in the forums as a “Dragon PvP”, the term “PvP” is referred as an “Player vs Player” interaction, and in the Dragon Battlegrounds this is not the case. Players with pseudo random “player” names are not actually players within the platform and they have an unfair advantage, deliberately far more powerful Dragons and in reality those players don't exist. We suggest that these “bots” be removed, if a game limitation impedes this, we ask that the “bot” dragons be capped to the level of the highest dragon that the player controls. The final proposal is that “bot” players cannot have access to dragons that have not been released in the realm.

•        Leveling Dragons Skills – Essence of Fury: As of this moment, there is no way other than using Rubies or Arena Medals to acquire the Essence of Fury, the item used to increase the skill level of your Dragon. We suggest improving this  feature to more easily achieve the level of each dragon

•         Facility to create every kind of troop after a certain amount of time. For example, the exclusive troops should be able to trained by every player after a period of 5 months after creation of a Kabam account with the intention of playing the aforementioned platform.

•         Revisit and update your in-game description and lore as the many added features have left them out of date and ambiguous. They do not provide the players with enough information, for example Generals which have different types of speed boosts, and however within game no explanation of stats is given.

 •        Create literature in the forums on a much more in depth scale that give information to the mechanics behind the battles. To date, the players have had to rely on sources outside Kabam for in depth information, which is really, at its core, nothing more than a mathematical guess. As this is a substantial investment on the part of some of our base, and it would encourage more spending from others, we feel it would be in both our best interest for this information to be readily available.

•         We feel the General Purchasing System (in the Officers’ Quarters) is flat out absurd. 200 rubies for a small chance to get a legendary general is ridiculous, and to evolve a legendary there is a serious lack of value on the customer. We suggest reducing the prices and the rubies. We also ask for a pack that offers “skill feeder” generals, 2-3 general packs, be an option but for a marginal cost from the regular general packs. This will allow players to be able to level their main (epics or legendary) generals effectively. 

•        We need to be able to exchange objects and resources between players through a marketplace and more variety regarding the rewards in the tournaments.

In addition to the previously stated, and in accordance with the Article 9 from the same agreement related to user responsibility in case of rules violation, citation under the same number, we request the following:

•Increased security in the users accounts and restore those accounts that were deleted. These requests are extremely important in order to truly enjoy this great platform.

We require that a vast number of our petitions are met.  In case you don’t give the deserved attention, we will see ourselves obliged to end our agreement and therefore you will have losses in your platform and Kabam Inc., as a company, will lose the current reputation and we can apply punitive damages.

Yours sincerely,

Doa Gamers

Dragons of Atlantis, Heirs of the Dragon



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