Cancellation of class 11 maths and economics retest

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Preparing like mad people since last 6 days for maths and  economics and after getting a breath of relaxation what we hear is our class 11 is not over yet. The leaked paper went to  a few hundreds of students and the lakh of students who prepared the exam with full honesty and dedication are suffering. The person who leaked is not fully responsible.  For this whole scandal, the one to be blamed is the management of k.v sanghatan . The lakh of students who were honest are getting punished without any reason. The punishment is acceptable in case of the disloyal students but what about the irresponsible attitude of the management. Is there no punishment for them. So, what we students plead is a cancellation of the re-test. The guilty will be punished by nature and no one needs to do so. Might be what is justice according to you is injustice according to many.  Please rethink and cancel the re test.