Injustice redefined , Jntuh slams 2nd year students

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So, on the 21st of march , the results for the exams that we had written in April and may came out. As I've been habituated by the haphazard tendencies of JNTU since my second year ! I wasn't exactly expecting any great or even a good result to be honest. But what I did expect was to clear all my subjects and the relationship between JNTU and I would still be a love-hate one.

But no sirs and madams. The mere technicality of it all is so mind blowing that I shouldn't have failed at all. Out of the five 10 mark questions, I attempted, as far as I remember, AT LEAST 60 out of the 75 marks in the paper. And by attempt I mean, I wrote them quite well which deserve AT LEAST half of those marks (30). And the pass mark is 26 which should've been a cakewalk. But no!

I got failed . Yes, i got failed but i dont deserve to be fail as i was not mean to it . Now, does that make you understand how terrible JNTU is actually?

Let's put my case aside, consider all those students who worked hard in this semester to get marks  or atleast to clear which are lesser than their ages or even what they deserve. So yeah, Jntu is screwing people 

 We deserve to be in classrooms not on roads ! In the name of protests 

There has to be an end for the JNTU Hyderabad brutal acts.

.Careless valuation of examination papers
.Incredibly slow servers
.Quality less education
.Improper education system design

Continuosly changing the credits system every year  

Since all this happend we tweeted and tweeted at last one fine day honorable minister sri KT ramarao responded

Brought the issue to the Vice-chancellor of JNTU -H A.venugopalreddy ....But they watched the entertainment sitting in rooms and having scenario of us 

And yesterday i.e on 13 july 2018 so many student unions came with us we are wet in rain and made a silent protest regarding supply exams and almost 1000 people participated peacefully without any disturbance to people 

Here the funfact is they (jntu) neither cared again ... we the students ran into jntuh forcefully as we are hopeless at last came notification by one of student union leader saying that it was declared that there would be a general body meeting of jntuh tommorow i.e 14 july 2018 and the exam notification will be out before 19th july ... We are hopefully dispersed as we had a trust on jntu and government of telangana 

At the end of the day we got a msg that the supply exams are declared only for 1st year students ... Its insane actually the problem is with credits which are less in 2nd year as we dont have backlogs in 1st year 

But that problem is that people who come from diploma as lateral entries into engg will be effected more as they dont have a chance to write the supply exams please kindly accept the requests we made into �

We are not cowards to accept all these we have the student power. Let's take this issue to the notice of the government.

On behalf of 1000's of students i request all the JNTUH yderabad victims to sign this petition and spread the issue among your mates. There has to be an end. We can't let the JNTUHyderabad moto to torture us happen.

Your work doesn't end by signing a petition. All of you have to gather and take this issue to your respective college authorities. If all affiliated colleges raise up their voice then jntuh has to come down. Please spread this message.


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