Bring Back IMAX to Hyderabad

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We used to have only one IMAX theatre in whole Hyderabad, until June 2017 when Prasads Decided to call it Prasads: Large Screen instead of Prasads IMAX. It used to be pride of Hyderabad Calling it Second Biggest Imax screen in the world but sadly its not same anymore.

Earlier this year Prasads went under renovation which made fans expecting it to give better experience and better seats, instead of which they made the counters for making more sales and same experience and also the 3D quality of Prasads has been degrading ever since, Recently i've seen #JusticeLeague, #SpidermanHomecoming #ThorRagnarok and #Dunkirk at Prasads and it was really very upsetting to pay and watch such bad quality output for such amazing films.


I request officials of Telangana State and IMAX world wide to reconsider this and BRING BACK IMAX TO HYDERABAD AGAIN.


Thank you.