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A permanent solution to Hyderabad's never ending road quality problems

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Hyderabad is fast developing into a global city. It has a great culture, history, state government organizations, central government organizations, private industries and most major IT companies. Like any other city in India, one of the biggest challenges it faces is with poor quality of roads. Telangana government has started an ambitious program called Strategic Road Development Program (SRDP) which envisages to solve the road and traffic related problems. While SRDP looks very attractive on paper, it costs an estimated 80,000+ crores to implement and will take decades to show its real use.

Current situation of roads is so bad that citizens are scared to go out even when it rains lightly. Roads are water logged, which slowly down vehicular traffic. Pot holes and craters keep coming up constantly due to poor build quality of these roads. We then see the government agencies trying to fix these potholes using some short term solutions which do not last for more than few new rain spells. Hundreds of crores of rupees is wasted each year trying repair roads that were just repaired few month back.

As a Hyderabad resident, is this what we deserve from a global city? Why do our governments and civil agencies treat building all-weather roads like a rocket science?

We request Mr K.T.Rama Rao, Minister for Municipal Administration & Urban Development, Govt of Telangana, to take the following steps to improve road quality in Hyderabad:

  1. Initiate a program called Telangana All Weather Roads Program (TAWeRP)
  2. TAWeRP Phase I - Identify 50 road stretches in the city that are of 10 KMs length each
  3. Covert these 50 road stretches into cement concrete roads
  4. Assuming 1 crore/km, this entire project would cost 500 crores, which is much less than the 83,000 crores required for SRDP
  5. Complete TAWeRP Phase I within 1 year
  6. TAWeRP will have subsequent phases where other important roads in Hyderabad and rest of cities and towns in Telangana will be brought under its scope.

As a concerned citizen of Hyderabad, I urge you to support this petition and request Mr K.T.Rama Rao to take a more pragmatic and permanent solution to solving Hyderabad's road crisis.


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