K.K. Downing to rejoin Judas Priest

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To and from all old-school and new-school metalheads out there.

Judas Priest, rightfully dubbed as "The Metal Gods" are celebrating their astonishing "50 Years As A Band" this year. The level of influence and impact they have had on metal genre, musically, culturally and visually is arguably second to none. They released their 18th studio album ("Firepower") in early March 2018 to the admiration of fans and critics alike. Sadly it was publicly announced shortly after that Glenn Tipton, a longtime pivotal band member has been battling Parkinson's disease for quite sometime now, and as a result, while still a member, has had to step down from his duties in the band's live performances. The band respected his decision and appointed their new album's co-producer Andy Sneap to fill in the second guitar slot for the still-ongoing "Firepower World Tour". However, with all due respect to Mr. Sneap and his musical skills and talents and regardless of the reasons leading to such a decision, we the longtime and die-hard Priest fans don't feel entirely psyched and excited about this decision. The vast majority of fans and several renowned metal experts such as Mr. Eddie Trunk, see the current situation as the perfect time and opportunity to invite and welcome back an original member, the great K.K. Downing, who left Judas Priest back in 2011, to rejoin the band and make the Priest, in fans' eyes, WHOLE again.

We humbly ask and implore that dear Rob, Glenn, Ian and the whole gang to leave the personal differences, possible grudges or acrimonies in the past, bury the hatchet with K.K. and, while keeping the super-talented and charismatic Richie Faulkner in the fold, ASK K.K. DOWNING TO REJOIN and make Judas Priest a sextet. Bring back the original "Priest sound" to both live and studio performances again. Please do not be offended by these remarks as they might seem to be dictating to you legends-of-musicians what's best for you. Instead, please try to see it from a loyal and enthusiastic fan's perspective. We know for a fact the K.K. Downing is already welcoming this idea and has been rather surprised with how the circumstances have transcended towards a different direction at this point. Please make the same choice that Iron Maiden made back in 2000 and GNR in 2016. You can certainly acknowledge how things turned out great for those folks as well, both historically and financially. Please let the Priest be as complete and as glorious as it can be for the band's 50th Anniversary.

In the end we want you to know that we love and respect you all unconditionally, no matter what your reaction or decision towards this petition might be. Please consider our humble request and make us all happy and even more grateful.

Long Live The Metal Gods!