Students suffer, while paper leaked by someone else.

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According to the recent reports of class 10 board Examinations 2018 mathematics paper being leaked, the incident was more prominent in the Delhi region as compared to others. However, in a new circular passed by CBSE the exam will be reconducted. This is a lot inconvenience for all the students. Instead of reconducting the exam, why are the defaulters or culprits in the case not punished? Recent leaking has surely put CBSE's sanctity in question while reconducting the exam shows it's blind eye towards the inconvenience caused to parents and students. Students have future endeavours and plans. More than 16 lakh students would be affected by the decision.

As for my case, I made plans to relocate to another state which has been completely hampered by this new order. Our bits of things have already being transferred while we stayed on for the last exam mathematics. 

Social platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook are used to leak paper, on the other hand, CBSE has no online portal where students can directly contact it. The system needs upgradation.

How long are students going to suffer due to such paper leaks  by a handful of people?