Recognition of Wainui Pā Site

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This petition requests that the Kāpiti Coast District Council and the Greater Wellington Regional Council collaborates alongside the mana whenua of Ngāti Haumia to establish recognition at the site of the Wainui Pā ki Kāpiti. As residents of the Kāpiti Coast, it is essential that this part of local history is held as a taonga and recognised by Kāpiti Coast District Council, the Greater Wellington Regional Council and other residents of the rōhē. 

Ngāti Haumia is the hapū (sub-tribe) of local iwi, Ngāti Toa. In 1835, the hapū was a well established community located at the north end of Paekākāriki with a total of 195 persons living at Wainui Pā. According to local historians, the settlement was made up of 40 huts and two churches. 

It is our hope that signage is put in place at the site of the Wainui settlement to acknowledge Ngāti Haumia and their whakapapa as it is the underlying foundation of Kāpiti history. In order for us to progress as a diverse community, we must understand the prior foundation that has been laid down before us. 

Currently, we recognise this area of Kāpiti as the Memorial Lookout. This refers to the US Marines who where here between 1942 and 1944, remembering the over 15,000 American troops stationed at Camp Paekākāriki and Camp MacKay. US Marines were sent here to prepare for the Pacific War, protecting Aotearoa from the threat of Japanese invasion. Now, despite this being significant, a thriving Māori settlement was in its place, prior to US Marine bases. 

To have only a memorial for US Marines that were here temporarily for two years yet nothing for mana whenua of Kāpiti, what does this say about us as a community? It is a colonial barrier we must break. This attitude does not belong on the grounds of papatūānuku ki Kāpiti. 

Therefore, we, the undersigned ask that the Kāpiti Coast District Council and Greater Wellington Regional Council erect signage on the Wainui Pā site detailing the occupation of Ngati Haumia.