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Hello everyone,

Today South Korean artists are subjected to cyber harassment everyday and violently.
This year, we had the case with the former member of the group f(x), Sulli who died after having committed suicide on October 14, 2019 because of cyber harassment suffered during years of activities.
This year in 2019 we also have the case with the young member of the famous group Stray Kids, Bang Chan. This young man has suffered a wave of violence on social networks since April 2019. And it intensified during the live on VLive application of 21 October 2019 where he read people tell him "will kill you" or "sulli should not have died but you yes". He was completely confused and yet the only thing he answered to these people is "uh funny".
I'M SORRY BUT NOBODY DESERVES TO DIE. Kpop artists are human beings and just like us, are susceptible to insults. It is not because you are on the internet that you can afford to insult anyone under the pretext of being covered by the announymat. Know that cyber harassment is punishable by law is that by doing this you are indirectly considered "murderers" of those people that you push to suicide.
But I ask you please support these artists by signing this petition. because you can support them and stop the cyber harassment behind your screen.