Petition to seek vacation so that TWICE can work in healthy condition

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This is same petition with Shinri Hirose, and I translated Japanese to English, so this is English Ver.

 I'm ONCE in Japan. I'm proud of the group of TWICE and really cheer activity of the group that active not only in Korea and Japan, but also all of the world. However, when I look at the schedule of TWICE recently, their work is very busy, living a life that does not even have time to sleep, and the appearance that both mentally and mentally exhausted can be seen in various scenes. For us who are always getting energy from them, their appearance was very painful.If this situation continues like this, even more members may become sick or there may be a mental illness, so it may be difficult for TWICE to work perfectly. Therefore, I created「Petition seeking vacation so that TWICE can work in healthy condition」 to JYP entertainment which is the label belonging to TWICE.Through this letter of petition, I sincerely hope that JYP will give TWICE a holiday that will be freed even a little from busy everyday and stress, and will be able to face the next activity in a refreshed state of mind and body.

I'm as a ONCE, I would like to them to stand on stage with their mentally and physically healthy showing, the best performance and natural smile.

I hope that many people approve to tell this thing that I think that this is not only me, but also ONCE who cheer their activity in all over the world.

If this letter is delivered to JYP entertainment, TWICE will be healthy with both mind and body and a smiling face will be awarded to the fans and may provide more performance than ever.

Why don't you cooperate so that TWICE can work with a smile through this petition?