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Save Our Parking, Save Our Businesses

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                                   S.E. 47TH Terrace Streetscape Project


          On Tuesday September 26, 2017 the city of Cape Coral held a meeting that revealed a beautification project to the public that will take place on S.E. 47TH Terrace. This proposal revealed reconstruction of Vincennes Boulevard and SE 47TH Terrace to include a roundabout, installation of water and sewer upgrades from Coronado Parkway to Del Prado Boulevard, and amplifying the existing sidewalks by eliminating on-street parking. This streetscape project’s main goal is to provide an area that is more accessible for pedestrians. Create an area that is more appealing to the public eye so that an urban destination can be implied, and to solve traffic conflicts that occur. The concern that surrounds this beautification project is the elimination of 119 on-street parking spaces and the negative affect that this elimination will have on the businesses located between Coronado Parkway and Del Prado Boulevard. These parking spaces provide a crucial role in the success of the numerous establishments located in the CRA district. Upon completion of said streetscape project, the customer base of these businesses will be greatly diminished due to the insufficient amount of parking, which is already a perception that is held by the public. The alterative parking proposed will not sufficiently support establishments due to their proximity and lack of numbers. The businesses rely on immediate parking adjacent to their establishments. The goals of the city of Cape Coral can be accomplished while addressing the concerns of the affected businesses.

          The accessibility for the pedestrians is one of the main issues that the city of Cape Coral has with on-street parking. Both parties can accomplish their needs by still expanding the sidewalks, while leaving space for on-street parking. This is displayed by Lafayette’s streetscape and would be supported. An addition of proper signage, pavement markings, and designated cross walk zones, will not only preserve the on-street parking, but will provided the pedestrian realm and urban destination the city is wanting to obtain. An appealing area can be established with other aesthetic enhancements besides excluding on-street parking such as but not limited: to new landscape, updated cross walk systems, and amending surrounding buildings.  These enhancements will encourage the public to dwell in the downtown area. Although traffic conflicts are concerning, the issue can be solved with lane additions that will allow the parking cliental to occupy the same area as pedestrians. Reducing all traffic on 47TH Terrace will only congest surrounding streets and make it extremely difficult for any cliental to reach the area in question. The roundabout, which was suggested by the city, is a considerable add on that will help reduce the speed of passing automobilist and ensure a safe pedestrian environment. Which can be obtained while leaving on-street parking.

          The citizens and business owners are not against the beautification project that was proposed by the city on September 26, 2017. We just ask that you take in consideration the importance of the on-street parking and the damaged that will occur to the businesses if said parking is eliminated. We recognize that the area is in need of this streetscape project, but do not agree with excluding on-street parking from the plan. Business owners and their customers rely on these parking spaces and require them to continue to be successful. The roundabout, beautification enhancement, and installation of water and sewer upgrades will all benefit this area, but eliminating on-street parking will only negatively affect the down town Cape Coral area.

          The citizens and businesses owner’s goals are for the city to listen to our concerns and work with us to build a plan that will exceed all needs. Thank you for your time.      

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