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Juvenile Lifer

Before signing this petition , I 'n requesting that you do not sign if you're going to put a nasty comment with it. Now since it was asked what he did, I will answer that. John was a drug dealer. His mother at one point was on drugs ,his stepfather a convicted murderer who was released on parole. He beat John all of the time. Knocked the teeth out of his mouth and broke a bone under his eye. John had to have surgery to reconstruct his mouth and eye. Two drug dealers were living in his house. These two drug dealers wanted to kill john and his family. One night an argument took place in the room that one of the victims rented. John was punched in the face  while the other victim was reaching for his gun. There were guns all over the room. John never denied shooting these two men who he said were his friends at one point, he mereley stated he was scared for his life.  . He is not that drug dealing kid who thought on impulse that day. He is no longer that kid who was neglected and abused. Its weird because people think his stepfather committed this crime. The police wanted him to say him to say his step father did it. His aunts,uncles etc believe the step father did it ,however John insists he did not. That it was him. John Blount is not a sociopath,a rapist,a childmolester. He was caught up in the street life and caught up with the wrong people. When he went to trial, none of his backround was looked into, nor taken into consideration. He wants a second chance.  John was sentenced as a juvenile to life without parole. He has been incarcerated since he was 17 he is now 39 years old. 22 years in prison. He has taken every class you can think of while being incarcerated. He has not had a write up since 1999. He is respected by not only other inmates but guards as well. There are so many others like him who were sentenced as juveniles to life without parole. The United states and Somila are the only countries who sentence juveniles to life without parole. And this is a violation of th UN treaty laws . The United States refuses to sign. Who says that they do not deserve a second chance? Why cant their case be reveiwed once they have served a certain amount of time or have became a certain age? Could you vote or buy ciggerettes at 15,16 or 17? You can not drink until you are 21. Studies have proven that a young persons mind does not stop developing until the age of 21 or 22. Our country has given harsher sentences to Juveniles than their adult counter parts. Tell me what is wrong with this? America is saying that they are hopeless. I say they have alot to contribute to our youth right now. Please sign this petition to free my husband so he can help to teach these kids that their are other ways to deal with problems and anger. Let him be the tangible example of what has happened to him for these at risk juveniles.

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