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Laws for Battered Stepparents

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The Baby Momma Drama has become increasingly high over the past few years which has caused a great divide between the mom and dad. Co-parenting has become pretty much impossible because of the mothers goal to destroy her child's father. Her targets become anyone that she feels is closely connected to the man and her ultimate goal is to destroy them which eventually destroys him, and this leads to him walking out of his childs life.The bitterness that these women house has only contributed to some of the mental and behavorial issues that our children are displaying. It is a proven fact that in order for a dad to be considered as a Primary residental parent, he must have some very hard evidence aganist the biological mom. Dads have to pay higher retainer fees than mom because lawyers already know that going in they are going to have to work 10 times harder to convince a judge that he is a more suitable parent for their child.  This is not fair to the child or the father. When a father is married, it becomes even harder to win custody cases, because his wife becomes the main target for mom and her attorney. Dad is no longer the target, they start to destroy his wife and this only starts to deteriotate him and his abiltity to parent the child effectively. This is the worst form of parent alienation that our courts has fail to consider in many custody cases and its only leaving our fathers powerless and our children fatherless. It's time that we give stepparents more consideration in the court systems. If they are going to hold us accountable for our husbands and degrade us as a human by destroying our repuation, then we need laws that protect us from the abuse of a bitter baby momma. It is an Injustice for the courts to allow a Bitter Baby Momma to destroy a man's wife, and once the wife finally responds publicly, her responses is used to prevent this man from obtaining custody of his child. I urge all of you to help me create change that prevents this type of abuse in our court system. Parent Alienation should be for all parents involved in this childs life.

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