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Stop Trudeau and Dion's Sale of Armed Vehicles to Saudi Arabia.

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Canada is applying a 'double standard' when it comes to human rights, Amnesty International says.

The Liberal government continued to defend Canada’s $15-billion sale of “light-armoured” vehicles to Saudi Arabia as “a matter of principle,” just as a new report highlighting the U.S government’s concerns with widespread human rights violations in Saudi Arabia was released.

(Photo: Internationally banned US-made cluster bombs used in a crowded market in Sana’a, Yemen, killing many women and children, January 6, 2016).

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said, “The principle at play here is that Canada’s word needs to mean something in the international community.

I agree Prime Minister, it is important to stand by our word, but with all due respect Sir – that is exactly why we must stop the sale of any military equipment to Saudi Arabia;

in order to stand by our word as a member of the United Nations to uphold the UN Charter’s Rules of War – and that is the promise we need to keep to regain respect from the international community – not selling military equipment to Saudis for monetary benefit - knowing the Saudis intention is to kill civilians in Yemen.

(Cluster bombs dropped on a village in Yemen, with the “Made in the USA” serial number still on them 2016. (Photo: Source).

Do you want to see a Canadian serial tag on a lightly armoured vehicle involved in the killing of civilians? That Prime Minister Sir, is called blood money.

(Photo: These two little boys suffered terribly for many hours from severe burns all over their bodies, and they both died without any comfort or medical care, when Saudi’s bombed their village and killed their parents in 2015: Source: Yemen War Crimes Blog 101).

Prime Minister, Your Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, I have been a great supporter of your campaign, and so proud of your new policy of opening Canada’s doors and minds.

I ask of you Prime Minister Sir, to stand up to your word you gave to your own people, that Canadians would not participate in the wars on other countries - do not make us hypocrites in the eyes of the world, and become known as a country that enabled the Saudi war crimes by the sale of armoured military vehicles, which will aid in their inhumane genocide of the Yemenis.

Their blockade on humanitarian aid alone should convince you, Prime Minister Trudeau Sir, that Saudi Arabia is not abiding the rules of war.

(Photo: Suffering the slow, agonizing death of starvation an infant is skin and bones, and is one of the "fortunate" few that are able to receive critical hospital care; in a nourishing department in Sana’a, Yemen 2016. Photo: Your Ability).

Please do not tarnish our new found pride in our country - as humanitarians. Our word as a nation will not be left in doubt - that agreement was made by the previous government, and the Saudi's blatant crimes against humanity, including the slaughtering of women and children in Yemen.

What will be left in doubt is "our word" as diplomatic members of society, and defenders of the UN Charter of Rights - which includes rules of war.

(Video and Photo are of a father and son who were injured in the bombing caught on camera by the “Your Ability” staff, who filmed this footage from the front of their own building (Which has been converted into an orphanage since the attack on Yemen last March 2015), in Sana’a in February 2016).

Respectfully Your Honourable Prime Minister Sir, there is no such thing as a harmless “lightly-armoured” military vehicle that cannot kill.

Your Right Honourable Prime Minister Trudeau,I ask you to please read the following two reports linked at the bottom. I have written several articles on the dire humanitarian crisis in Yemen – that is unnecessarily exasperated by Saudi Arabia’s blockade on any supplies or medical aid.

I receive my statistics, interviews, video and photos direct from the doctors and humanitarian workers inside Yemen; who incidentally are desperately trying to save the children who the Saudis are trying to kill.

The silence of the world is killing the children in Yemen,” said Mohammed Alharthy, CEO and Vice-President of the Yemen organisation, Your Ability For Development.*

Read Article: Yemeni Children - Victimized By War, Exploitation and Disease.

*Read Article: Yemen - Who Is Protecting The Orphans?

You can also read this petition, complete with additional photos and information on my news website. CDN Petition: PM Trudeau – Stop Sale Of Armoured Vehicles To Saudi Arabia

No amount of money is worth the continued suffering of the Yemeni people. If you took the time to read this, please add your voice and sign the petition.

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