Uniforms should be gender neutral in schools in England, trousers, skirts, shorts, dresses

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It's still the case that in some public schools in england that girls may not wear trousers whilst the boys can and boys may not wear shorts whilst the girls may wear skirts and dresses.  This needs to STOP.

Our children should not be discriminated against because of their gender, forced to show their legs because they are female or cover their legs because they are male.  Whilst some schools are slowly changing their policies there are still many that still hold these historic sexist standards.

We are requiring that is should be LAW for all children to wear the uniform that they feel comfortable in, including both clothing and footwear, many parents are buying "boys" footwear for their girls as they tend to be much more durable and comfortable (an issue in it's own right) and being turned away from school because of it, this is NOT OK.

let's make it known that it is and should be recognised as the parents discretion to decide what is most suitable for their children and rid our schooling system of this discriminatory standard.