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The UK Department of Education to revisit the curriculum on Anti Slavery

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On the 12th of July 2017, the Gaurdian newspaper reported a school in Kent using a role play "Slave Auction" to teach year 8 students about the Transatlantic Slave Trade. As part of the teaching, the students are expected to buy slaves (please see attached the worsheet)

According to the school, this worksheet was approved by the Dept of Education and the Historical Society. While the Society has come out to deny endorsing such curriculum, the department of education has not issued any statement as regards the worksheet.

Historical Society statement distancing themselves from the curriculum

Post on facebook on the apology from the school

Many people have raised issues with the worksheet and we have been informed that this is not an isolated incident.

There are reports that Grammar Schools all over England and Wales are using such dehumanising techniques to teach young people about the horror of slavery without accessing the impact it will have on young people.

Therefore we are requesting;

1- That the department of education revisit this curriculum

2- That there is a wide range consultation with all stakeholders on how best to teach the history of slavery in schools with all the sensitivity it requires

3- That the Hsitorical Society and Anti Slavery organisation support schools in developing a well rounded curriculum that is impactful and yet sensitive.

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