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Teach Human Rights in Schools.

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Growing up in a disadvantaged community in inner city Birmingham and being exposed to a lot of crime and injustice from an early age, made me wonder; if politics and human rights is so important and ignorance of it is not tolerated, then why are we not taught this in school? It is this and the injustice that members of my community faced that compelled me to go to university to study law and politics. It is also why I’m calling for British politics covering basic human rights to be added into school education to enable young people to protect themselves.

The youth of today are tired of their voices being unheard and devalued. Over 300 young people in Birmingham have expressed that they would like to learn about British politics and human rights in school to know how to protect themselves. This Youth Brexit Report launched in Parliament in October; showed how many young people still do not know enough about politics and that young people felt afraid to leave the EU as leaving threatens their human rights. It highlighted that young people feel cheated by the UK Government. Young people in the UK are constantly being targeted by police, arrested and stopped and searched and do not know their rights in those circumstances and are therefore subjected to police brutality and assault as a result in not knowing their basic human rights.

By not knowing your human rights you effectively do not have any! And most young people do not know these - the very thing that protects them.

British politics, covering human rights could fall naturally into PSHE and citizenship which are topics taught in schools. By British politics and human rights being taught in school it could:

-Protect us from injustice and corruption
-Understanding of voting systems, general elections/ campaigning and how they work
-Gives us an understanding of how we should be treated by others i.e. police
-Learning about human rights and politics is something that can be used far
-beyond the classroom
-Contributes towards our children and youth safely transitioning into adulthood/society
-The respect and tolerance it teaches will help create a safer, healthier, fairer, more tolerant societal culture
-Could lead to reductions in hate crime, terrorism, contribute towards tackling
bullying in schools, whilst improving young people’s behaviour in schools and generally.
-Transform societal attitudes and out of date perspectives on gender.
-Young people would become more politically aware and able to make informed decisions.

Please sign our petition to show support in making UK more politically aware, build up our youth’s resilience.


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