Stop using labels as an excuse! Teach disabled children to read and write #TeachUsToo

Completely agree that every one should be given the chance, just because they have a disability does not mean they are unable to learn and achieve many things in life,, why does anyone think they are not worth getting thought in a way they will be able to respond, at end of the day they are still human and deserve to be included not disguarded and labeled completely wrong with out ever actually given them a chance! I can't praise this parent enough for not giving up on the child and figuring out a way to communicate with your child, you are an amazing parent, I admire your strength and fire in you to never give up trying everything until you found what worked for your family, every other child/adult should have the same opportunity to learn! As a parent to a child with a, milder form of cp I was told my child wil never be able to walk talk or anything, I wouldn't take that as an answer and after a few years and great effort my child has achieved so many things already, and although not able to communicate well I can see how bright and clever the child is,,. They truly deserve us to learn how we can communicate with them ❤️

Aine M, Ireland
2 months ago
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