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Make 'Politics' a mandatory part of the school curriculum in the UK

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The political system in the UK is designed to enable its citizens to exercise their democratic right to vote in order to shape the direction of their elected government both locally and nationally.  Understanding the many strands and structures that exist under the banner of 'politics' is a challenge given how broad the government's responsibilities are to its citizens.  Having an understanding of politics enables individuals to make informed decisions that affect them when it comes to voting on both the local and national level.  Knowing the basic principles of right, left and centrist politics, stances taken on the future of the health system, taxation policy, inflation and spending, affiliations within media outlets to various political parties, the consequences of Brexit, funding for schools, foreign policy, the role of central government departments and a myriad other aspects of politics all combine to help people become empowered as voters within the democratic system. 

Unfortunately, there are a vast numbers of people that do not vote, vote according to the traditions of their friends/families or because of local historical sentiment.  Many people find voting too daunting or confusing given the barrage of competing stances and ideas that filter through the media in all of its forms in this age of information.

Politics should be included as a mandatory component of the school curriculum so that young people enter into the world understanding the importance of the democratic political system.  Expecting anybody to research this complex area of their own accord is a failure of the education system given the critical importance that it makes to peoples lives.  Currently, there is no provision for this subject within the curriculum and its inclusion would no doubt have a positive effect on young people who often feel disempowered through lack of understanding. 

Let's give young people the chance to make informed decisions about their futures and an opportunity to know where to look for information about the UK political structure. Lets give them the opportunity to see through the spin that is peddled by some areas of the media in order to help them avoid subversive, self interested parties and make their own minds up based upon grounded knowledge. 

Lets put Politics into the national curriculum. 

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