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Make British education engaging by removing tests and introducing effective resources

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The education system in Britain, will be seen as a broken one if we do not take action. It is not making today's children smarter, it is making them become duller and they, in turn, blend into society like a row of clones in a line.

The curriculum is taking away the creativity children have at a very young age. They are taught to do the exact same things, at the exact same time, almost every single weekday. Fictional shackles are secured to them, all day long. Tests put pressure on children to try to remember every little thing in their lessons. Some could be stressed enough to stay up past midnight studying a textbook that, in reality, contains facts that will (most likely) be of no use to them.

On the subjects of tests; they're useless. They are simply regurgitating information that they won't remember later. But enough of my rambling- we need to find a solution. How do we do that? By removing evaluations and finding engaging, enjoyable and effective ways to educate our children. I'm sure if you searched around you'd find some great tools (such as Kahoot! and RedCritter) to use, whether they're online or physically present in the classroom. But what we need to do is make tools like those largely present (if not, compulsory).

If we do not take action soon, the next generation will grow up to fit in too perfectly with the rest of us; just another row of clones being added to the line, no eagerness to change something in the world whatsoever. I will also be submitting this petition on the site in hopes it'll reach them as well. Please sign this as well. Here's the link: only five people need to sign it before the petition goes live on the site. If we reach 10K signatures on the parliament one, we'll receive a response from the government!

Let's reach 100K signatures and teach our children the right way! Thank you.


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