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Get children the learning methods they need in school

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There are three types of learners. I remember being taught this in school (somewhat ironic, as you'll come to understand as you read on). The three types are known as Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic (or Tactile). Kinesthetic learners are the focus of this petition.

Kinesthetic learners are the children who process information via physical activities. They do not process visuals nor audio as efficiently. Essentially, they "learn by doing".

These types of learners get very agitated when sat still for too long, as they cannot focus well in the traditional classroom setting used for core subjects.

Think back to your time in subjects like Mathematics and English Language. Think of the children who appeared to have outstanding behavioural issues - maybe they moved around the room a lot without permission, asked for bathroom breaks too frequently, or generally talked and shouted throughout lessons. Now imagine those same children during your Physical Education lessons, or when a science teacher allowed the use of Bunsen burners and chemistry equipment. In my experience, some of those same children with "behavioural issues" were much more focused and obedient when learning via physical means.

Because only around 5% of children are kinesthetic learners, they are often overlooked as "badly behaved", and may potentially be misdiagnosed with conditions such as ADHD in some cases. Their natural focus and obedience without issue in more physical classes shows that this may not be the case.

I would like to petition for children with kinesthetic learning abilities to have more suitable teaching methods on offer in core subjects, as opposed to the traditional combination of visual whiteboard presentations and verbal explanations from teachers, and I'd be grateful to anybody who wishes to help.

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