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End Homework In UK Schools

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The health issues caused by the level of stress due to extensive periods of homework in some schools in the UK.

We also believe it will improve the development of the children readying them for later life rather than focusing on mainly academia and a constant stream of examinations.

Finland are ranked 6th in the world for science and maths, education, compared to Britain's measly 20th, making it the best performing country in Europe. Finnish teachers are told to do all they can to help young people attain the best education, while also preparing them for life.

Stanford school of education found that children suffer from:

A lack of balance in their lives
Alienated from society
High stress
Headaches, Upset Stomachs, High Blood Pressure and Chest Pain
Worsens existing illnesses

Can lead to abnormal conscious decisions as well:

Substance abuse
Alcohol intake
Disobeying rules

Example of the stress of Homework abroad:

3 Chinese PRIMARY school children jumped of a building in order to commit suicide after not finishing their HOMEWORK.

Their lasts words were; "If I'm dead, I wont have to do Homework anymore."

High stress in early life, contributed to by homework, lead to adverse affects in later life;

Cardio Vascular disease, Obesity and Diabetes
Impaired behaviour and a lack of emotional development.
So as you can see, homework has more negative impacts than positive impacts.

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