Grande Pointe Residents Demand Respect, Accountability

Grande Pointe Residents Demand Respect, Accountability

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Grande Pointe Residents are demanding the following of its parent company, Red Street investments LLC and EGP Property

1. Current and former tenants who have been misled regarding charges are to be reimbursed for these fees Grande Pointe, Red Street, LLC and EGP Properties, LLC received through deceptive business practices. These deceptive selling practices include, but are not limited to, "Valet Trash Service", MediaCom etc.

It is/and/or/was, the practice of Grande Pointe, Red Street, LLC and EGP Properties, LLC to intentionally mislead prospective tenants during contracting.

Many current and former tenants report they did not agree to, and in some instances, did not receive the benefit of these services after contracting. 

2. Grande Pointe, Red Street, LLC and EGP Property LLC implement immediate changes to their selling practices in order to facility transparency and ethical obligations to it's community and those it serves by not willfully misleading or deceiving tenants during contracting regarding value added services Grande Pointe, Red Street Investments, and EGP Property, LLC wish to sell. 

There is a long standing history of deceit and deception over the years at Grande Pointe apartments in Daphne, AL including but not limited to:

-social media review manipulation; attempting to conceal it's managements’ inability to effectively manage their obligations to their tenants and community to future and potential renters'. Over the years Grande Pointe, Red Street, LLC and EGP Properties have allowed their own staff/employees to positively review their own sales organization as well as encourage tenants’ and others through monetization, “prizes” and other forms of review manipulation to achieve positive review testimonies that do not accurately reflect the experiences of the tenants who have either previously or currently reside in Grande Pointe; with a goal of improving the companies overall unsatisfactory rating and scores from legitimate consumer reviews. This creates an unfair advantage for the organization by misleading consumers as to the customer experience they may receive. Additionally, most review portals strictly prohibit incentivizing any review. 

Further, when residents have posted unfavorable reviews, Red Street, LLC, EGP Properties, LLC and Grande Pointe have responded inappropriately; often threatening, intimidating or otherwise attempting to compel tenants both current and former to alter or remove their opinions.

Posting reviews and opinions therein is a right protected by our constitution. It is reprehensible that Red Streets, LLC, EGP Properties, LLC and Grande Pointes' employees/staff/management and owners not only condone, but encourage the use of intimidating tenants who post unfavorable reviews attempting to thwart the understanding of it's residents experiences and opinions, a right of out First Amendment freedom of expression. They have made it abundantly clear they do not respect us. 

3. Install an entirely new management at the local and regional level. Grande Pointe Residents deserve to be treated with respect, dignity and ethically. Grande Pointe, EGP Properties,LLC and Red Street Investments, LLC have not delivered on any of these.

The current and former administration staff for Red Street, LLC and EGP Property, LLC located at the Grande Pointe Apartment community responsible for Grande Pointe Apartments in Daphne, AL have failed it's residents for years.

Its tenants have watched Red Street, LLC, EGP Properties LLC and others move questionable office management, maintenance, administration and deceptive, unsustainable sales and management practices in one administration after another for years, while disproportionately negatively impacting the lives of it's residents’ including elderly, disabled and low income families who may not have the socioeconomic voice to be heard.

4. Install accountability and redundancy to ensure this does not happen again in a new management. 

5)Install a maintenance request process that facilitates resolution for residence in a reasonable time frame. The current process has failed residents’ as work orders are often completely unresolved, “completed” without resolution,  or often are not resolved in a reasonable time frame. These items alone constitute breech of contract on the part of Grande Pointe, Red Street Investments, LLC and EGP Property, LLC. Many residents’ report health, safety concerns including mold, and other concerning items that have not been addressed globally throughout the community. Ensure there is both oversight and transparency in the process for it's residents/tenants. We have good people living at Grande Pointe and some of these 180 families including the elderly and disabled. We, your tenants ask you to do right by us. 

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