Oppose Senate Bill 942 be against parole for murderers with mandatory life sentences in PA

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Senate Bill 942 wants to give the opportunity for parole to Pennsylvania prisoners with mandatory life sentences without the possibility of parole. Senate Bill 942 proposes the chance to receive parole after serving 15 years of their sentence. Also, the bill would like to apply this retroactively to prisoners already serving their sentence.

In Pennsylvania the only crimes that have mandatory life sentences without the possibility of parole are:  First Degree Murder and Second Degree Murder.

My sister(pictured above) was recently brutally murdered on her son's 10th birthday. My family's world has been turned upside down in every way you could possibly imagine due to her being viciously taken from us. Her murderers have not gone to trial or been sentenced yet. Punishment options for her murderers are Death Penalty or mandatory life sentence without the possibility of parole. Their punishment is not up to me or my family. If they can not be gone from this world by Death Penalty it does give our family and many others some solace to know that they will never be free to walk the streets and have a normal life.

Our family and countless other families that have to try and live a "normal life" after some criminal has decided kill a loved one have no normal life after a murder. It wasn't an illness or a car crash. Some sick individual/individuals chose to follow through with ending a persons life. That choice should end theirs!