Work permit extension for temporary workers in Canada due to Covid19

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Due to this Covid-19 situation those who were working in Canada as temporary worker has been badly effected. Employers targeted the foreign workers first when they were laying off their employees.

Those who were working Full time/Part time to make the hours required to get Permanent residency in Canada and soon their permit is going to expire.We will not be able to work as many hours as required to fulfill this.

Those who have already completed their Bachelor/Masters/Diploma in this country ,They did a great contribution toward the economy and they have the best skills and knowledge to contribute toward the economy.Many of us have also worked for certain period of time in Canada.We have the potential but not many days left to work and gather the hours required for Permanent residency.Hence, we request the Govt of Canada to Extend the work permit period for all who have been facing issues due to this covid-19 situation