Work Permit Extension for International Students in Canada

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We, as the International Students and Foreign Workers have spent a significant part
of our lives in Canada doing our part for  Canada's economy. Due to present situation of COVID -19, majority of businesses are letting go of employees.

The International Students who are on the Post Graduate Work Permit are adversely affected by this current situation. As Foreign Workers/International Students, we have to work for a specific period of time so that we are qualified to file an application for Permanent Residency.

The lock downs and layoffs apart from affecting financially have a significant more affect  our status as a post graduate work permit holder. It is also uncertain that when will this lock down be over and if and when can we can go back to our Jobs .
Most of the International Students have got 3 years Post Graduate Work Permit and start working full time. There could also be students who just recently got a job and not have worked long enough and might not have enough time after the corona virus lock-down is over.

Due to limited validity of work permits, we as Temporary Residents have a specific and limited time frame to achieve the Canadian experience which helps us to apply for Permanent Residency. Also we are not able to appear for Language Proficiency Tests and/or get our Foreign Credentials validated which is must to apply for Permanent Residency.

Due to current Pandemic there are layoffs and job losses which started since 15
March 2020. Most of us lost our jobs and still there is no further scope and 2
months have already passed away. Moreover, economy will take unpredictable
time to revive. As it is known to everyone, it would take a lot of time for everything to get back to normal.

Even though some businesses might be opening by end of May still it will take few
months for them to hire back employees so that the jobs are available for us.
Due to current scenario, we are in mental stress and uncertain about our future.
We are requesting to the Honorable Federal Minister Of Immigration and Honorable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau  to extend the validity of work permits of all international students , So that we can cope up with the time lost due to COVID- 19.