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We Need To stop the petition "Justice served for almost killing my daughter"

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The petition that was put up called Justice served for almost killing my daughter,  is a big lie everyone doesn't know the true story this family went through something that was and is traumatic however the father wasn't home when his daughter was shaken he was at work. It was proven that he had nothing to do with his daughter and you cant charge someone that wasn't even there.

From the first moment  the father has clamed he is innocent and he is. The mother changed her stories so many time about what happen, you never know the real truth. The father has fought so hard in the last three years for his daughter. He is a very strong man, A year after what happen to their daughter they were both living together and the father came home from work and had a drink, the mother came after him verbally and physically and wouldn't bug off, he stayed calm but she kept going into the night about everything then she said I'm the one the shook your daughter so he snapped. Yes he was drunk and yes it is wrong that he attacked her but he has gone though so many courses including Anger management and AA, also goes to counseling and also has ALOT of support from family and friends.  

I say we get the petition called "Justice served for almost killing my daughter" shut down for all the lies it says and the fact the father wasn't the one that shook or even hurt his daughter. He is AMAZING around kids. I actually fell horrible that this father keeps having to go through the ringer for something he didn't do, he already lost custody of his daughter because of all of this, He doesn't deserve to lose everything else he as work for all because of a bunch of lies the mother keeps saying. I have seen this father with other peoples kids and he is super kind and most gentlest guy, He gets on a kids level and will do so much for children specially his own. His daughter is his princess, she changed him for the better he was having a very hard time and once he found out he was becoming a dad he couldn't stop smiling or telling EVERYONE that he was going to be a dad and the moment his daughter was born that's  all that mattered to him was his child nothing else he would die for his children. So can well get together and get this petition called "Justice served for almost killing my daughter" stopped because this father is being wrongfully accused for something that no parents should ever have to be accused of. So lets get together and get this stopped!!!!!!

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