We want Federal Canadian AISH for ALL disabled Canadians because rent is too high.

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50% of Canadians are making less than $5,950/month, many of them make even less than that if they are on Government assistance, from $1,600/month or less. 

Most of those Canadians cannot afford their rent that's anywhere from $600 to $1,200/month. Those of us on assistance are left with very little for food,etc. 

In Alberta we have AISH which is $1,600/month, I don't think other provinces have that. We do have Canadian Pension Plan Disability for all Canadians with disability who worked previously putting money into their CPP. I propose the Federal Government implement AISH for $1,600/month for all Canadians who aren't able to work for others or at all. 

Also, $1,600/month isn't enough, if it was combined with CPP of $500 so it's $2,100/month that would give those struggling a better life.

Where this money could come from is if the Federal Government taxed lotteries, a percentage of the each lottery pool goes to help support the Canadians on assistance and the rest of the money goes to the winners of those lotteries. The Federal Government could also set up a weekly 50/50 type draw for all Canadians to enter. 50% of the pool goes to the winner of the winning ticket and 50% goes to Canadians on assistance. 

I'm on AISH because I'm not able to work for others and be consistently at the job site because of my mental illness. I became an Entrepreneur to try to make extra income on top of AISH. I highly recommend it to others with disabilities to do likewise and I propose to you Justin to implement possibly an Entrepreneurial Incentive for people on Government Assistance, where they can learn to be their own Boss and increase their income and possibly become so successful in their own business(s) that they can get off Government Assistance.

50% of Canadians over 18 Million of us are struggling monthly, please implement this into the system Justin Trudeau. #ChooseForward