Stop E-Petition E-1608 and protect Bill C-71! We Need Stricter Gun Laws in Canada!!!

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Toronto has been riddled with gun violence, not just to gang-related problems, but yesterday was the worst gun violence the city has ever seen. Last night, July 22, 2018, at around 10 pm, a lone gunman walked around the friendly streets of the Danforth, randomly shooting anyone: 2 lives perished,12 people injured, a neighbourhood traumatized, and a city shocked, traumatized, and mourning. 

This isn't the Toronto I know and this problem shouldn't be happening anywhere: Not Toronto, not in another city, not in Our Canada.

However, in Alberta, there is a 15-year-old, from Coalhurst Alberta, a town of only 2668, who's not even allowed to legally drive, not legally allowed to own a firearm, is being supported by Lethbridge Conservative MP, Hon. Rachael Harder, from a small town in Alberta, who wants to scrap a bill, Bill C-71, which will enforce more gun restrictions in Canada. Why are we allowing small towns to dictate the law in our country when gun-violence is a nationwide problem?

The petition is the second highest in all Canadian history. I had created a parliamentary petition, but haven't had much support from the parliamentary side, due to the recent mass shooting on the Danforth (all municipal and provincial politicians are busy trying to heal Toronto). Chances are if this petition is accepted, then mass shooting like the Danforth, not even 13 hours ago, will become the new Canadian norm. And this wasn't an isolated incident. All those victims intentionally gunned down by a monster, looking to destroy as many lives as it can...

And speaking about gun violence, I am a two-time survivor from two legal gun-violence incidents: First one was because of racial discrimination in my home province of Alberta, (gun owner was legally owned to own, threatened to shoot me in my face, and pointed his gun at me, got away with the crime). The second one was at an incident at a Toronto nightclub 18 years ago. The gun was stolen from a legal gun owner, but the owner never reported the gun stolen to the police, 1 person died, 3 people injured. 

Gun violence isn't just gang and or organised crime related... That gunman shot, injured, and killed without discretion. Question is where did he get the gun from? It happened in my neighbourhood, it can happen in yours too if we don't take a stand against this lenient gun accessibility.  Mayor Tory stood up and shouted, "Why must people own multiple firearms, especially in Toronto?" Which is the blatant truth...
Why must people own 50 guns, especially in Canada, especially in a big city? Humans don't have 50 arms, so why do you need to own multiple firearms? Seriously, when you go hunting, do you take 20 firearms to kill one animal? You can't carry that many, so why do you need so many? Why are you afraid to get a background check? Guns are lethal weapons meant to do one thing: injured and kill.  

Of course, Canadian gun lobbyists want the freedom to purchase without background checks, but having no protection on firearms is ridiculous!!!

We need background checks for anyone who purchased a firearm. All firearms puchases regardless of physical purchasing and online purchasing, firearms needs to be registered. 

To own a vehicle in Canada: you must legally register your car and must have insurance and must be a certain age to drive... Since we have these laws, why can't we have the same laws and restrictions on firearms? 

That's why I am calling out for all residents of Canada to stand with me and fight this petition, E-1608, from being accepted. Bill C-71 must be protected and strengthen:

1. To block petition E-1608, against Bill C-71, a petition that will grant more firearm leniency, when there's are a weaken firearms leniency and accessibility within Canada.

2. If petition E-1608 is granted and scraps Bill C-71, this petition will increase the sales and distribution of all firearms, allowing larger Canadian cities to continue to suffer from horrendous firearm violence;

3. By blocking petition E-1608, but protecting and enforcing Bill C-71, will enforce stricter firearm registry on all firearms purchases and possessions. In addition, by enforcing Bill C-71, will grant our entire law enforcement the exponential accessibility to monitor firearms, in order to reduce senseless firearm violence, which is plaguing our Canadian cities' neighbourhoods; and

4. By protecting Bill C-71, All law-abiding Firearm Owners and Firearm Retail Establishments working alongside all aspects of government, Municipal, Provincial, and Federal, in order to prevent their firearms from being used to inflict, terrorize, injure, and or kill any innocent bystander; and finally

5. Firearm violence isn't just only a "gang-related problem and or organized crime enterprises," individuals with the act to harm and kill, also have access to firearms, which needs to stop. No resident of Canada should have to live in fear, be injured, or have to bury their loved one because of firearm accessibility and leniency.

Please sign and share. E-1608 has collected now 83,00 and counting and will be submitted by July 26, 2018. With your help, we can stand up and help prevent other neighbourhoods, like the Danforth, from ending up as a gun-violence statistic.