We Need Answers To Poverty, Not Band Aids

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Poverty Needs Answers 
I can imagine how frustrating It may be to have children growing up on drugs.

As a consultant, I can consult with workers and organizations if required for both families and drug addicted people.


We can work together to get the proper assistance required.


Though some people that have drug habits, do not think they need help, which makes it very hard. I am a consultant who is working on those issues with our city. I work odd jobs other than my own business to show the governments that our city and Canada need enforcing, that means ways to conduct avenues that require a push to drug addiction.


A one way Avenue, means that people doing drugs, and running all over town of London Ontario, will be in treatment during the day, in school getting an education, and in anger management classes, self-worth classes building there lives about 3 hours a day, rather than on the streets corners begging for there next fix. They will be working, making money and enjoying there lives better. There will be properly maintained lives. They will not be downtown stealing and carrying on, picking fights, but doing something positive and constructive with their lives. They will be using their talents and abilities, putting them into practice and using them. Finding out who they are, what their purposes in life are. Have properly balanced meals. A place outdoors to play soccer, swimming pool, tennis court, games nights, fun time. Roller skating, Community dances and more. They will start out in Mission living and work there way up, to there own Mini house.

People in poverty come from lives involving drugs, and other things that have ruined their lives. This does not mean all poverty people are drug addicts, but many are. They have come from infant homes that consisted of parents who had addictions and drinking, abuses and other things. Though many came from good homes and rebelled. I believe enforcement programming through the laws and legislation would help people in our communities become free and healthy. It is time for the governments need to give answers through parental guidance to there Countries. The addicted adults are not adults, but adults in children clothing needing guidance through enforcement. A law of 3 -4 hours a day in treatment, school, and self-worth and anger management classes would be a step in the right avenue to success. People are waisting there lives sitting downtown begging for there next cent for drugs and other things. I am not just speaking out of my hat, but speaking from experience. It is time for action. A One Way Avenue, with all resources in one place on Old .L.P.H Land, would be the perfect place to create this.