We have unlimited chances to pass a driving test in Canada, why NDEB exams have limited?

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Subject:  We need unlimited chances to appear for the examinations conducted by NDEB  (National Examining Board Of Canada) for internationally trained Dentists. 

The way the Canadian government has defined standards around healthcare delivery is excellent. However, dentistry regulation in Canada is one of the particular areas that are being ignored and significantly neglected;

Having used $800,000 of taxpayer money to set up an equivalency process implemented by the National Dental Examining Board of Canada (NDEB), that gives license for the internationally trained dentist to work in Canada does not offer internationally trained dentists with a fair and equal chance of practicing in Canada. It lacks fairness, transparency, accountability and needs interrogation;

The NDEB limits the number of trials to 3 times per exam. (Even for a driving test, there are unlimited chances in Canada)

The system puts individuals and their families through very difficult times and emotional distress. This leaves many internationally trained dentists unable to live up to their potential. Instead, many end up unemployed, living on welfare, and suffering from anxiety and depression.

The only alternative is to reconsider the number of times one candidate can appear for the exam from 3 to unlimited!.