Void All Clothesline Bans in Canada

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Clothesline bans that exist across Canada, in every province and municipality needs to be voided, and it needs to happen now. 

We are all trying to do our part to reduce our carbon footprint, but that is made more difficult or outright impossible for Canadians when the government still allows restrictive covenants to prevent people from doing this.  For pity sake It’s a clothesline, sometimes they’re old school pole to pole type, but more and more they are the umbrella or retractable type.  

The reasons are 99.99 percent is that the restrictive covenant is there because clotheslines are not “pretty”.  Wednesday Thursday Friday this must be a joke, but no, it’s the real deal.  We are coming out of a pandemic, people are financially distressed, and the one green alternative is a clothesline, but it’s not allowed to everyone. 

Our American neighbours have voided clothesline bans now in 19 states, and we up here doing nothing, yet again. 

If you are not running a clothes dryer for six months out of the year (fluctuating depending where you are in Canada) you are not spending more on electricity and you are helping the environment.  

Here’s to hoping the entire country can get on board with a super easy solution and the government will void all bans on clotheslines!