Vancouver Legalization Of Electronic Skateboards

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Electric skateboards help people all over the world not only be able to ride for fun, but they help people to get to work and school on time, save money on gas and transit, and barely harm the environment, especially a lot less than a car. They are even increasing in popularity and demand, and are being accepted by more and more cities/people daily. So why are people being fined $600 for riding them? Well the truth is there is no real or gold answer to why this is happening. This is incorrect and shouldn't be happening especially after spending $500-$3000 on an e board and not being able to ride it, isnt okay. We need to stop this, and in a lot of cities, electric skateboards are allowed, people like Casey Neistat ride them in NYC whenever they want like it's no big deal. So please help us and allow us, the people who live in beautiful British Columbia Vancouver, to be able to freely ride our boards on the streets and most importantly safely.