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The European and United States model of combating the virus is failing to a disastrous degree.

The Canadian government should take to heart what Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York said on March 18 to the NY Times podcast “The Daily”: 

“We are past the point of monetizing decisions.  We are at the point of choosing how many people live or die.”

We are calling upon the Canadian government to immediately implement the following:

  1. More stringent testing with a 4 hour turnover as was done in China. No one testing positive or with symptoms, should be trying to manage at home potentially infecting others.

  2. Mandatory closing of non-essential businesses.
  3. Mandatory staying at home, except for purchasing essential services and goods, e.g., medicine, food, medical care, banking.
  4. Allow Canadians to continue walking outside, while maintaining 6 foot distance from others, unless the situation worsens.

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To email the prime minister, Justin Trudeau:, phone (613) 992-4211

To email your MP:

To email Canada’s Minister of Health:, (613) 996-4792

If not convinced, read the following excerpts from Governor Cuomo’s March 18, 2020, interview with the NY Times, and the below essential Podcasts:

  1. Voluntary home stays, home isolation, and the closing of businesses have not slowed the advance of the virus in New York. 
  2. In China, those who tested positive, even if displaying mild symptoms were immediately hospitalized. They were not sent home to possibly infect other family members and helpers. 
  3. The military reserve should immediately be at work creating extra hospital spaces and converting existing structures countrywide. Additional ventilators, only available at this time in China, should be pursued and purchased.


What Italy unsuccessfully did:  ‘It’s Like a War:’ A plea from a head respiratory physician in a hospital north of Milan, Dr. Fabriano Di Marco, describing the current disaster in Italy, and pleading with the world not to follow their model. Canada is on a similar path. The  U.S. Surgeon General also warned that the US is on a strikingly similar path. 

What China successfully did:  ‘Confronting a Pandemic:’

Gov. Andrew Cuomo: ‘Making Sure We Live Through This.’