Install Seatbelts on Buses

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Since seatbelts have been made mandatory, rates of deaths & injuries from automobile accidents has drastically dropped. Yet, school buses we send our children in are without. Now is the time to change this!

These are the cheapest vehicles imagineable. Hard seats and metal frames. As children how many of us remember getting thrashed around on bumps or sharp turns? I recall many times falling out of my seat or bumping my head against the metal wall. There aren't even handles or armrests for children to grab onto and they say this is safer because children are packed so tight and there are less deaths and injuries per year for a school bus versus family vehicle. I wonder if they took into account how many vehicles there are versus how many school buses there are. I also wonder if they took into account how many children do not follow basic safety precautions on a bus. A seatbelt would help demand safety from children. If they are worried about the cost of having a school bus monitor assist with seatbelts I am sure that parents, seniors, or older children would volunteer to assist with seatbelts and assisting younger children if necessary.

Please sign asking our Prime Minister and Transport Canada to address this issue.

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