Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion-Is it the best choice for all Canadians?

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This is not about stopping the expansion, but about making sure the timing is right. For now please support better/more Canadian refineries and distribution of Canadian refined oil to the Eastern part of Canada. 

Please read the latest Oct. 23-2018

1-Canada is the seventh largest crude oil producer in the world. Despite this, Canadian refineries process less than 30% of that crude oil. This is mainly because of the size of Canada’s refining industry compared to the resource size, the location of its refineries, and the lack of cross-country pipeline connectivity.

2-After reading the Canada Energy Board report is seems to be clear that we need better/more refineries in Canada. Why do we have to buy 100% refining oil in Ontario from the USA and in the Eastern Provinces from places such as Saudi Arabia. Please let me know why do you think that money spent on the expansion could not be better used to make our country energy self sufficient. By 2020 20% of the Alberta oil will not pass the new Maritime rules for Sulfur content. In the meantime our oil is being sold at up to $51 per barrel discount because our refineries are not able to produce better oil.

3-Tankers currently represent about 2% of total ship traffic visiting the Port of Vancouver (out of 250 total vessels per month, about 5 are tankers). The Government of Canada’s recent approval of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project is expected to increase the number of tankers visiting the Port of Vancouver from around 5 to around 34 per month. In this scenario, tankers would represent about 14% of total ship traffic

There must be a better solution for our resources than to ship it to other countries while we need to import in other parts of Canada.

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