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Top NHL Draft Picks Should Go To Teams Who Have Yet To Win a Stanley Cup!

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The problem is that the NHL draft system is completely unfair and random. I'm going to speak from my personal experience as a Canucks fan. But I am sure there are many fans of many different clubs who could get on board with this idea. Particularly St. Louis, Buffalo, Washington for examples.

The Vancouver Canucks; a team with more than it's share of misfortune and heartbreak throughout their 47 years in the league just got dealt another blow yesterday, April the 29th 2017, after it received a 5th overall pick in the bogus Draft Lottery. This is after finishing 2nd to last in standings this past season. This is the second year in a row something like this has happened. Last year it was an identical outcome except we finished 3rd to last.

The Canucks is a team and a fanbase that has been through the mill. We have been as close as you can possibly get to winning the Stanley Cup on 2 occasions; just one game away. We had our hearts ripped out both times. We are loyal, committed, extremely passionate and yearn for something great to happen for the city and the province one day. All in all Canuck fans are a different breed. I don't think fans from other teams quite feel the sting that comes with crushing defeats in the playoffs the way we do. I may just be speaking from personal experience but I believe the degree of disappointment and depression that comes along with it is pretty common among Canuck fans. Many loyal and die hard fans are probably wondering if they will ever get to see a championship/Stanley Cup in their life times. At 30 I am beginning to wonder. I want it for myself, I want it for my parents who have been fans since day one and for Canuck fans everywhere but I also want it for clubs like St. Louis, Buffalo, Washington, Winnipeg, Ottawa, San Jose etc... as well someday. If the Canucks are out of the picture, these are the teams I end up rooting for as a hockey fan. Not the frigging Black Hawks again. Who wants or needs to see that again?

The Edmonton Oilers; a team with 5 Stanley Cups in their history and a team treated with having had some of the best hockey players in the history of the sport, was just yet again wrongfully awarded the player of a generation a few years back. After years of being awarded the number 1 draft pick and still remaining at or near the bottom in league standings and then in fact on the year that they didn't end up in last place but instead 3rd to last, they still received 1st pick because of this bogus and completely unfair draft lottery. 1st pick that year should have gone to Buffalo who came in last and who have yet to win a Stanley Cup in their 47 year history as well. It would have only been right but instead what happened was completely wrong on so many levels.

I believe a new draft system needs to be put in place that gives higher odds of landing the top draft picks to teams without a Stanley Cup championship in their history and/or to teams who have struggled for many years rather than just looking at the teams who tanked in the standings in the previous year.

The St. Louis Blues, The Vancouver Canucks, The Buffalo Sabres, The Washington Capitals, The Winnipeg Jets, The San Jose Sharks, The Ottawa Senators, The Florida Panthers, The Arizona Coyotes, The Nashville Predators, The Columbus Blue Jackets and The Minnesota Wild should be some of the teams with the highest odds of receiving the highest picks. I put that list in chronological order  because I believe the age of the franchise should also be a factor when determining who receives the highest picks in the draft. Oldest teams should have the highest probability of landing the number 1s. I also believe for the teams that do have Stanley Cups in their history. The length of time it's been since their last championship should also be a factor in determining who gets the higher picks. For instance The Toronto Maple Leafs have won championships in their history but it was ancient history. They should definitely pick higher than teams like the Chicago Blackhawks or the Pittsburgh Penguins who have had more than enough success in recent years.

A reformation to the drafting system is in order. A new system could and should be adopted in all Sports Leagues. Every city and every fanbase deserves to have something special. 

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