To reduce the waiting period for Treatment Centers.

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When an addict gets to the point that they need help to quit an addiction,  there is a process.  A survey is completed and an assessment is as well.  Then the "sick"  person who has relied on "self medicating"  for often YEARS is told to go to a detoxification site (center or at times,  a Hospital).  Afterwards the "sick"  person is recommended to attend groups that assist in the recovery process while they WAIT for a bed to be available for them to heal.  This can take 5-6 MONTHS  for a bed to become available for some programs some times less.  However,  there are times when beds are left bare while people wait for a  "spot".  These beds are for "PAYING CUSTOMERS"  only.  Again we fail to see people as equals.  Government Assisted  recipients or people who pay for their beds need the same treatment.  In other words,  if one were to call a Treatment Center and request a bed and "PAY"  for it out of pocket,  they get in rather quickly.   Whereas,  if one were to be on  Government Assistance,  the wait time is long,  especially when trying NOT to "pick-up".  So please sign this petition to help reduce the wait time and to have equality.  ITS A HUGE PROBLEM!!! Thank You

There is another aspect I feel I need to add...

There are cases when beds are empty because they are for people who are in jails or institutions.  If they are not filled the remain empty.  Why not fill them with people who are on the waiting lists?  Please support my awareness...Thank you.


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